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Used Car Appraisal Tips for first time buyers

Unlike a few decades ago, car appraisal can be done in the comfort of your own home. On that note, we have so much to thank online classified ads for. But of course, it’s only the first step.
Here are some helpful tips in appraising used cars for first time buyers.
Research Search for the particular vehicle you’re planning on getting at online classified ads. Make a shortlist by considering a number of factors such as mileage, condition, options and the kind of lifestyle the owner has (in that way, you should be able get a slight hint on how the car has been taken care of).
Test DriveOnce the online car appraisal is done, it’s time for you to test drive. Make sure to have your mechanic diagnose the problems, or do it yourself if you have the knowledge, before taking the test drive. Don’t try to solve a car’s problems during the test drive. In appraising a car, being a buyer is an advantage. You can always walk away if either the car or the owner makes you feel uncomfortable. Other than that, just trust your gut feelings.
Negotiate No buyer would want to purchase something that is used without negotiating. Prizes of second hand items are predominantly negotiable. The trickiest part of car appraisal is the bargaining. This is when you have to learn how to read minds.
Allow the owner to give his asking price first, then ask for less than what you actually want to spend (do this before you see the actual car). Keep in mind that car sellers tend to over price in big chunks. If whole process of car appraisal impressed you, try not to show it to the owner, instead, magnify the small defects. In that way, it would be easier for you to ask for a discount. If you need to compromise, do so. But only compromise the amount that you less from the actual price you’re willing to pay. Try not to go higher than half way.
Close the Deal Arrange the payment.
Used car appraisal won’t be so difficult if you’re an informed used-car shopper. Enjoy your shopping! ???

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